The LeTAO Way

The LeTAO way encapsulates our efforts to create exquisite desserts. It’s about proving gastronomical experiences that delight and bring joy.   

The LeTAO Way depends on three elements: the use of Premier Ingredients; the skill of our Master Bakers; and the use of Innovative Methods.

Premier Ingredients

Award-winning flavours and indulgent textures rely on the exceptional ingredients. 

Cream is an essential ingredient in nearly all LeTAO products. The cream we use comes from the milk of Hokkaido’s famous dairy cows.

Just as Hyogo Prefecture in Honshu is known for the quality of its Wagyu beef, Hokkaido is known for the quality of its milk. Hokkaido’s dairy cows benefit from a cooler northern climate, open grassy pastures and dairy farmers who are committed to rearing their animals in stress-free environments. The result is a rich and full milk with a subtle vanilla flavour.

As well as the finest produce Hokkaido has to offer, we’re also committed to finding the best sustainably sourced ingredients from other parts of the world. 

Ambrosi has been making Mascarpone in the Lombardy region of Italy, for over 80 years. We also use Australian diced cream cheese from Victoria. The delicate sweetness of the mascarpone contrasts perfectly with the slight acidity of the Australian diced cream cheese in our masterpiece: The LeTAO Double Fromage.  

Master Bakers

Our founder Kawagoe saw how the artisans of Otaru got lost in their work. In Japan, it's unfortunate but not uncommon to hear of people who get so lost in their work that they are consumed by it.  

At LeTAO we are firm believers that one’s work should bring joy. Because, if a person does not find joy in their work, how will their work bring joy to others? 

Encouraging our master bakers to be creative with their work is one way we help them find joy. It’s true that there is a specific process for creating each individual LeTAO product. But, it’s our master baker’s experiments with flavour and explorations with texture that lead to new creations. 

As skilled and respected as they are, itamae (professional sushi chefs) are constantly striving to improve. Of course, not everyone is as driven as that. But there are three characteristics that every master baker shares: commitment to their craft; a sense of curiosity; and appreciation for art. 

That’s how we create. That’s how we bring joy.  

Innovative Methods

Kawagoe’s experiments with nostalgia and modernism led to the creation of the popular Double Fromage. As our business grew and word spread about the Double Fromage, we began to receive the same enquiry over and over again. 

People were asking about the possibility of home-delivery. Not just to places outside of Otaru, but to places outside of Hokkaido! We decided to begin developing our freezing technology. 

At that time, it was commonly thought that once a cake was frozen it would spoil on thawing. It took three years of careful collaboration between our master bakers and food technologists, but in 199X the first Double Fromagewas delivered to a happy customer in Osaka. 

We now deliver exquisite desserts to LeTAO lovers around the world. Treat yourself to a Double Fromage Cheesecake, either as a rich ice cream when frozen or a silky cake when thawed.